Pardon Me Daylilies 10 Bareroot Hemerocallis


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Pardon Me Daylilies

Pardon me daylilies

18″ Tall
2.75″ Bloom
Mid Bloom Season
Zone 3-9

Pardon Me is a cheery little plant with very fragrant, small cranberry-wine, almost red, blooms with a yellow throat. It has dark green foliage. It blooms Mid to late season, and on into Fall. This is by far our best selling red rebloomer, and is ideal for mass plantings. It is also quite hardy and will survive some fairly harsh conditions. In our neck of the woods, it is a favorite to plant on hillsides, to help control erosion with its root systems.

After you have placed your order, the daylilies are freshly dug, the tops are cut off, the roots are rinsed, and the plants are packed in peat moss. This ensures that the daylilies will quickly establish themselves in your garden while experiencing little transplant shock. A bonus daylily of another variety will be included with each order.

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