10 Bareroot Hemerocallis Black Eyed Stella Daylily 1-2 Fans


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13″ Tall
3″ Bloom
Early Bloom Season
Zone 3-10

This excellent repeat-blooming selection features small buff-yellow to gold blooms with a burgundy eye. Foliage is a good green color and very grass-like, making a good contrast against the bright yellow flowers. Blooms start in early summer, and extend all the way through till very early fall in most climates. This nocturnal blooming habit is an important advantage in northern climates whose cool mornings can keep some daylilies from opening properly. Old blossoms drop quickly from the self-grooming plant, making way for new, fresh flowers. Black Eyed Stella is one of the more eye catching daylily varieties we grow, and is perfect for medium sized border plantings. Also looks outstanding in mass plantings. Winner in the Landscape Category!

A bonus daylily will be included with each order!


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