How To Order Plants From An Online Nursery

Author: jlbdev,

Published On: December 9, 2019

Plants liven up a room. They make it feel more inviting. And not only do they make a room more pleasant, they clean the air. The added greenery is calming. Bringing plants into any room is a great way to freshen it up. In fact, there are a lot of possible benefits from having a plant in your home.

However, not all plants are kept inside the house. There are plenty of options for plants you can use to decorate your property. You can also get some that afford added benefits like citronella (mosquitos), lavender (bees), or any form of fruit (yum). All of these options are great and totally customizable to your needs as well as the available space.

Ideally, whether it’s for inside the house or your property outside, you’ll have these plants for a long time. This means you should get exactly what you want. What if there’s a plant you’ve had your eye on but can’t find at any of your local shops? Good news: An online nursery can ship their plants directly to you. This way you are sure to get what you want without leaving the comfort of home.

But what steps should you take before placing the order? Let’s look into the process of buying a plant from an online nursery.

Find a Plant You Like

Maybe you have an empty spot in your house that could use something to fill it out. Or maybe there’s a spot in your yard outside that just looks a little too bare. These are perfect opportunities to bring a plant home. But the breadth of available plants is so huge that you can’t simply get anything. Not all plants are created equal. They each have their own attributes that will either make them a great fit for your house, or maybe not so much.

Take the size of the plant into account. Remember these things are alive and will continue to grow as long as they are properly cared for. Once you have a general size in mind, start by looking at plant types. Succulents versus more leafy plants. Then decide if you want it to vine, grow upwards, flower, and so on. Once you find a plant you like, the next step is to make sure you’ll be able to keep it alive.

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Make Sure You Have the Right Environment

Many plants are quite picky about where they want to live. This includes factors such as temperature, amount of sunlight, and humidity. It’s strongly recommended you research your chosen plant to make sure it can survive in the climate you plan to place it.

For outdoor plants, you will want to consult the Hardiness Zone Map. This will give you your corresponding hardiness zone rating based on your climate. Most online nurseries will provide the recommended hardiness zones for their outdoor plants because not all of them can survive in all locations. Think of a palm tree in Minnesota. It might look good in the middle of summer but it won’t make it to the end of the year.

Indoor plants allow for more wiggle room. The most basic consideration to take into account is the amount of light a plant needs to survive. Most houseplants are labeled for their need of low, medium, or high light. Make sure the area you plan to keep your plant hits these requirements. This could be affected not only by how close it is to a window, but which direction that window faces.

Tropical plants will do better in a more humid environment. So if your house isn’t generally humid, you can either purchase a humidifier or maybe look into a different plant species.

Make a List of Everything You’ll Need

Plants are generally low maintenance. But there are a few considerations you should take to get them established. First, you want to find a comfortable pot for them to live in. You want to give them room to grow, but don’t make the pot too big. Make sure there is proper drainage. Pots will often come with a small hole in the bottom so excess water can drain out. This is also why you should get a drip tray along with your pot. Otherwise you might have a mess on your hands.

After that, fertilizers and plant food can be purchased depending on the specific needs of your plant. The road of plant care is almost endless, but you don’t need to do much more than provide a suitable environment to get your plant started.

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