3 Grosso Lavender/ Lavandin Lavandula X Intermedia/ “Fat Spike” in 3.5 Inch Pots


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Be mindful of your temperatures when ordering. This plant does not like to travel in extreme heat or cold. Full sun, at least 6-8 hours per day
Big fat spikes of fragrant flowers in the summer
Zone 5-9

The most commonly used lavender in France for perfumes and soaps, and one of the most hardy! ‘Grosso’ Lavender is hardier than other Lavender varieties, and is best appreciated for its sturdy growth habit and ease of drying and preserving. This aromatic herb works well as a fragrant hedge or an accent when planted with Bergamot, Feverfew or Joe Pye Weed. One of the tallest Lavender varieties, ‘Grosso’ is also deer and rabbit resistant, grows easily in sandy or salty conditions and is very self sufficient. Because its blooming flower stalks are more round than other varieties, ‘Grosso’ is commonly called “Fat Spike”. Like other Lavenders, ‘Grosso’ is known as a stress reliever and is added to many shampoos, lotions and Aromatherapy spa products for its soothing effect. Producing huge, profuse blooms, this is commercially preferred over other strains because of its tolerance to cold. Because this is a hybrid, ‘Grosso’ is sterile and will not produce seed. The best way to propagate is from stem cuttings once the plant is established. Important Tips: Well drained soil – lavenders will not tolerate poor drainage so add sand if you need to improve the quality of your soil. Most lavender ‘deaths’ occur because of wet roots. An alkaline soil is best. They cannot tolerate humidity: damp, still air makes them susceptible to fungus ailments Lavenders need full sun- 6 to 8 hours of sunshine for these Mediterranean natives.

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