Creeping Mazus Reptans, Blue in a 4 inch pot


Creeping Mazus Reptans, Blue in a 4 inch pot



Creeping mazus, otherwise known as mazus reptans, is a low-growing, fast-spreading, semi-evergreen perennial that functions well as a groundcover. It can tolerate footfall, bouncing back well, feeling soft and light underfoot. It’s a frequent alternative to grass or to fill in gaps in between flagstones and walls. It also has clusters of gorgeous, small purple-blue flowers that blossom in late spring and summer. It’s a popular addition in rock gardens and can help to reduce weed growth. It also looks pleasant when dangling over the edges of hanging baskets or containers. In warmer climates, the dense, lush leaves remain green throughout the year. Creeping mazus can handle a wide range of weather conditions. In ideal conditions, it is easy to grow and low maintenance. It prefers sun, moisture, and warmth, though it can still cope in cooler, shadier spots, but this will slow down growth. In very hot regions, partial shade may suit it better to protect it from the intensity of afternoon sunlight. It can grow in a variety of soils, though it prefers a fertile and loamy type. If the soil is too hard-packed, the delicate rooting system will have hard time getting established. Rich and fertile soils are best, though an annual light feeding of a slow-release variety in the springe can help in drier or poorer quality soil. Moisture is good, but over-watering should be avoided as standing water can cause root rot. In dry conditions, adding mulch can help with moisture retention. The foliage is evergreen in hot climates. It can also tolerate low temperatures. Hard frost will result in winterkill, though it will bounce back with new growth once the milder spring weather arrives.

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