Firewitch Dianthus in a 4 inch pot


Firewitch Dianthus in a 4 inch pot



Firewitch dianthus, sometimes called cheddar pinks or border pinks, can be grown in a variety of areas including borders, slopes, rock gardens, and even certain crevices in rock walls. They have magenta-pink flowers that bloom abundantly and they emit a spicy clove-like fragrance. They form a solid mat of blue-gray compact foliage, which makes them excellent as a groundcover or rock garden plant. Firewitch dianthus is a hardy, herbaceous perennial that may remain evergreen in regions with warmer winters. These are also deer-resistant plants. The plants grow best in full sun but can tolerate light shade. A well-drained, slightly sandy soil is best to avoid crown rot. Normal to light waterings are best and wetting the foliage or crowns should be avoided to prevent crown rot. They should be watered weekly, or more often in extreme heat. Once they’re established, the plants are drought tolerant. They have grass-like foliage that should be cut back after the blooms fade in order to promote reblooming.

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