Guacamole Hosta Bareroot


Guacamole Hosta Bareroot



The color of guacamole, this is a medium sized hosta.

Bare Root Perennial Hostas, ready to grow
Will bloom summer through fall
Hardy perennial – Perennial in zones 3 to 8
Great shade plants
Low maintenance perennial grows to about 18 inches and can spread between 32 to 36 inches

Growing guide:

drought-tolerant once established these plants are at their best in evenly moist soil in partial shade, although a very few will tolerate full sun with sufficient water. Once established, hostas can handle drought and will compete successfully with tree roots in the north, but need regular watering in the south.

fertilizer/soil + pH/zone
Hostas thrive in average, even, and damp soils that are slightly acidic and will benefit from a light application of fertilizer in early spring. These low-maintenance plants can be ignored and they will still perform. However, to get the most out of them, provide deep rich soil with consistent watering along with occasional side dressing of compost or aged manure. An organic mulch is appreciated but keep it away from the crowns. Zone 3-9.

Very few varieties will reflower; cut flower spikes off at their base when blooming is over.

These forgiving plants are best divided in spring when the new leaves are still furled up, but both division and transplanting are successful throughout the season if attention is paid to through follow-up watering.

Foliage should be cut back in the fall to eliminate cover for overwintering slugs but this can also be done in the spring.

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3, 5, 10