Nana Coreopsis in a 4 inch pot


Nana Coreopsis in a 4 inch pot



Nana coreopsis, sometimes known as coreopsis auriculata or dwarf tickseed, is a compact perennial that forms a dense, bushy, slow-spreading mat of deep green leaves. The leaves range between oval and lance-shaped and each leaf features a pair of small lobes, thought to resemble mouse ears, which is why they’re sometimes called mouse ear coreopsis. They bloom abundantly from spring to early summer, showing flashy golden-yellow flowers, usually about 2 inches across, and the blooms rise well above the foliage. Removing spent flowers regularly can encourage blooming to continue throughout the summer and into autumn. They tolerate summer heat and humidity. Coreopsis plants are typically great for border fronts and edging. They generally grow to between 6 and 9 inches tall in ideal conditions. They are a stoloniferous perennial, known to spread slowly via underground runners and form a lovely planting up to 2 feet wide in a year, though the spread is easy to keep in check. They prefer full sun and medium moisture, well-drained soil such as loam or sand. These aren’t as drought tolerant as some other coreopsis plants, but they can tolerate some dryness. Nana coreopsis can draw butterflies and is ignored by deer. Their water and maintenance needs are fairly low, though deadheading to promote new blooms can become an involved task. A midsummer shearing after the first flush of flowers can help tidy the plant and encourage an autumn rebloom.

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