Peony “Bowl of Beauty” BAREROOT Paeonia lactiflora FREE SHIPPING


Peony “Bowl of Beauty” BAREROOT Paeonia lactiflora FREE SHIPPING



‘Bowl of Beauty’ is a single-flowered peony instantly recognizable by its bright pink outer petals and frilly yellow centers. This deer-resistant, long-lived, easy-care perennial is excellent for foundation plantings, landscape beds, and perennial gardens. Plant once and leave it alone to flourish! Huge blooms open in late spring to be 7-10 inches across. Cut flowers before they open to enjoy indoors for up to two weeks. When flowering is finished, simply cut back the bloom stalks to the ground and enjoy the foliage for the rest of the summer. Leaves stay green all season and make a nice backdrop for other, later-flowering plants. Grow ‘Bowl of Beauty’ peonies in full sun in well-drained soil. Barely cover the eyes when planting. If they’re too deep, they won’t flower. Like other garden peonies, Bowl of Beauty plants are deer resistant, so perfect for adding spring color for areas where deer are a problem.

Growing Peonies: If you live where peonies grow, its the same every year in late spring. Certain homes have them in beds, borders, along drives–and anywhere they grow, they create probably the most beautiful clump of flowering of the whole season. Big, usually fluffy flowers in glossy green foliage.

Perennial peonies are what experienced gardeners call investment plants. They’re some of the most permanent landscaping you can buy. In fact, many continue blooming beautifully for over 100 years. Once they’re established, they’re as hardy and dependable as oaks, creating a fantastic season of bloom in your yard year after year.

Planting Peonies Adding peonies to your garden is not difficult. All you need is full sun and good soil. (In even partial shade, the bloom will be scant or non-existent–keep them out in the sun!) As most gardeners know, the roots look like a bunch of carrots–thick long tapering tuber-like masses that increase every year. Feed them, water them, and the clumps will expand rapidly, and more and more blooms will result.

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