Sweet Orange New Guinea Impatiens in a 4 inch pot


Sweet Orange New Guinea Impatiens in a 4 inch pot



Sweet Orange New Guinea Impatiens is ideal for brightening gardens or patio containers in partial to full shade. These plants produce masses of large, uncommonly bicolored flowers in shades of light salmon to deep orange. These are naturally branching plants that quickly fill beds and are perfect for planting in groups. They have a resistance to impatiens downy mildew, so Sweet Orange is an ideal alternative for shade gardens where the disease is a concern. These plants will provide reliable, bright color in the garden all season long. These are annual plants that prefer shade or partial sun. They grow to around 10 inches high and bloom from summertime through to the first frost. The bicolor blooms are usually about 2 inches across. New Guinea Impatiens plants are considered to be pollinator friendly. New Guinea Impatiens should not be set out in the garden until night temperatures are above 45 degrees Fahrenheit. They do not handle cold temperatures as well as many other annual flowers. In beds, be sure to loosen the soil, and add compost or peat moss for better drainage. A controlled-release fertilizer can also be mixed into the soil when planting to help keep the plants growing strong through the summer months. In groups, the plants should be set approximately 1 foot apart in garden beds, which helps to avoid crowding and give the best ground coverage. New Guinea Impatiens do best in soil that is consistently moist but not soggy. They should be watered regularly during dry spells. Do not allow the plants to become completely dried out; this will result in wilting and flower drop. These plants are deer and rabbit resistant. Sweet Orange Impatiens do not require a lot of fertilizer to perform at their best. If fertilizer is not already incorporated in the soil, apply a water-soluble complete fertilizer with micronutrients in every third watering.

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