2 Bareroot Red Hot Poker/ torch lily/ poker plant/ kniphofia


2 Bareroot Red Hot Poker/ torch lily/ poker plant/ kniphofia



This is an old fashioned plant that has been known and loved for years. It is a wonderful addition to any garden, and our nicely-sized bareroot plants are ready to be planted right away to start their growth. The drought tolerant red “poker” of a flower loves the sun. It does not require a lot of care, once the roots are established, it almost thrives on neglect. Shipping charges do not increase with multiply orders with this particular plant, so go ahead and get a good grouping together for some gorgeous red drama in your garden this year!
Dramatic Red Foliage
Zone 5-9
Great Cut Flower
3-5 feet

Growing Instructions:
Prefer full sun and must be given adequate spacing to accommodate their mature size.
Although not fussy about soil, they do require adequate drainage and do not tolerate wet feet.
Plan in easy spring or fall for best results.
Most of these plants are available as potted transplants or tuberous roots. They can also be seed grown.

Although hard and moderately drought resistant, regular water is required in order for the plant to reach its full potential. Gardeners should be diligent with watering during hot and dry spells.

Provide a 2-3 inch layer of mulch to help with water retention and for protection during cold winters.

Cut foliage off at the base of the plant in late fall and remove spent flower spike to encourage more blooms.

Kniphofia plants can be divided in the fall for new plants. Do not bury the crown of the plant any deeper than 3 inches. Water new plants thoroughly and cover with a liberal amount of dirt.

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