Neon Rose Petunia in a 4 inch pot


Neon Rose Petunia in a 4 inch pot



The neon rose petunia, also known by its botanical name petunia x hybrida neon rose, or more commonly as easy wave spreading petunia, is a low growing, spreading petunia. It only reaches heights of 6 to 12 inches, although it typically spreads to between 30 and 39 inches, which is how it earns the name of easy wave. Its gorgeous 2 inch neon rose blooms will thrive from spring to late summer. Neon rose petunia is a fast-growing plant that blooms freely all season in landscapes and containers without cutting back. Easy wave petunia plants will tolerate both heat and cool conditions very well. It’s an ideal plant for solo and mixed planters and baskets, as well as for gardens and landscapes. Easy wave petunias are generally mounded with a more controlled spread than wave petunias. The easy wave spreading habit is incredible, covering ground several inches of ground in a single day when the weather is warm. Easy wave doesn’t reach quite as far as the older wave plants, but it stands up higher, offering a more manageable and pleasing shape for hanging baskets, windowboxes, and flowerpots of all kinds. The neon rose petunia prefers moist, well-drained soil and thrives best in full sunlight. It attracts bees, is heat tolerant, and considered to be low maintenance. Occasional cut back can rejuvenate the plants.

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